January 2017
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If you desire a better understanding of the spiritual gift of healing, you’ll find Paul Teske’s book insightful, illuminating, and inspirational.  He’s convinced me that healing is indeed for today.

Dr. Barry C. Black
United States Senate



If Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were in need, why wouldn’t his followers do the same?  For too long the church has forfeited its God-given privilege of bringing freedom and deliverance to broken people.  Pastor Paul Teske offers more than just a theology on divine healing; he includes many powerful testimonies from today with practical steps for you to become an instrument of Jesus’ healing power.  No matter what religious association you may be from, this book will inspire you to touch a hurting world with the miraculous power of Christ.

Rev. Kenneth A. Solbrekken
District Superintendent
Alberta & NWT District
The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada



I was right there when my friend Paul Teske’s leg was paralyzed and he kept on preaching.  It’s amazing to recall that day!  But not nearly as amazing as reading about what happened after that day!  This is an absolutely amazing story of an amazing God, one that will build your faith and will help you to desire what God has in store for you, too.  Read it with joy.

Eric Metaxas
New York Times bestselling author of Amazing Grace:  William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery,and Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy — A Righteous Gentile vs. the Third Reich.



Healing for Today “had” me from the very first word.  This is a real book about real people, real stories, a real pastor, and especially, a real God who is still in the business of healing today.  Pastor Teske writes with an understanding and humility that is sure to capture the reader’s attention as well as challenge his or her paradigm. 

Dr. Mark Zehnder
Senior Pastor
King of Kings Lutheran Church (LCMS)
Omaha, Nebraska



Rev. Paul Teske is not only helping us to understand Divine healing, but also shares from the grace to impart the same.  I saw it first hand when he spoke at our church when we met in the National Stadium in Kampala, Uganda. Hundreds of people got instantly healed including a cripple.  What has touched me the most about Paul’s powerful ministry of healing is the simplicity and practicality of his approach to this rather difficult subject.  This should be a must read for those who want to see God’s healing power work for them and through them.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga
Founder Christian Life Ministries USA and Christian Life Church Uganda East Africa



In an era where even followers of Jesus have forgotten or discount  healing through faith, Paul Teske has written a powerful testimony to how the Lord has used his ministry to heal many. My wife, Kris, was diagnosed with stage four inoperable and  metastasized cancer.  I will be forever indebted to Paul for his faithfulness, counsel and “hands on” prayers for healing as Jesus indeed performed a miracle in her life. This book will encourage many to reexamine their thoughts on healing as well as how powerfully the “Great Physician” continues to be available to work in lives here on earth.

Ward Brehm
2008 National Prayer Breakfast Speaker



 The first time I met Paul, I told him “no” when asked if he and his wonderful wife Rivers could pray for healing for my arthritic hip.  Bound by a theology that taught special gifts had “ceased” in our age, I desperately wanted, but could not find faith to believe such a prayer could work.  But my heart longed to believe and months and a painful operation later we met again.  This time healing came not for a hip, but for my heart.  The Holy Spirit flooded in, declaring Himself alive, well and powerfully active today.

A few months later Paul was connected to a dear friend in Minnesota whose wife had been diagnosed with incurable liver cancer.  Today she is cancer free and another testimony to God’s use of Paul in healing ministry.  So, this book is true, Jesus wants to powerfully heal you and to spread healing though His Church.  Read “Healing for Today” with faith-filled expectancy.

 Eric Fellman
President and CEO
World Bible Translation Center



The God that we serve is an eternal Rock of righteousness and healing, One in whom there is no shadow of turning (James 1:17).  I recommend to you Paul Teske’s powerful book on Jesus’ ministry of healing today.  The insights and remarkable personal accounts he shares will inspire your heart to not only walk in healing for yourself, but to be one who spreads God’s healing power to others.

 Dr. Robert Stearns
Founder and Director, Eagles’ Wings Ministries
Clarence, NY 


Amazing!  Pastor Paul Teske might very well be one of the least likely church leaders a person would expect to understand a move of God.  As a Lutheran pastor, deeply entrenched in religious tradition, Pastor Teske stepped beyond the creeds and traditions of his denomination into an open-hearted pursuit of the Living God.  Healing for Today tells how God honored Pastor Teske’s pursuit by revealing Himself and taking Pastor Teske and his wife, Rivers, on the greatest adventure of their lives – into the very heart and power of God Almighty.

Bruce Jacobson
Vice President Media
Executive Producer –LIFE TODAY!
Life Outreach International


Paul Teske is a personal friend I have known for the past five years.  His humility and his ministry are as authentic as the first church in the New Testament.  His ministry has confirmed that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Bill Noble
President and CEO of William Noble Rare Jewels
Dallas, Texas


Paul Teske’s book healing for today is a must read for the modern mind. It contains a story of the raw power of God to overcome the crippling effects of the cerebral stroke that in the natural was hopeless.
It is an articulate, compelling, and accurate representation of the supernatural gospel of the Lord Jesus. The reader of this book will be motivated to bring compassion and mercy of God to anyone, anywhere. It is fresh bread from heaven devour it and let your faith rise.

                                                                                                                     Mickey Robinson
Prophetic Destiny International
author, international speaker, and friend

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